Reopening of the course

Reopening of the course for Members from 11th May 2020

This document is generally based on instructions and advice received from the Central Government and the NGF and as further initiated by your Bestuur – please pay careful attention to the contents.

1. The entrance gates to the club will be open from Monday 11th May from 08.45 hrs to 18.00hrs. From 26th May: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to 21.00hrs.
2. Take careful note of all the instructions and markings both on and outside the course
3. Only 9 holes can be played (first or second 9)
4. A start time must be reserved beforehand via our website
5. Start times will be based on 10 minute intervals
6. Two, three and 4 ball games are permitted
7. No official games or tournaments will be played
8. No green fee players will be permitted
9.No introducees or guest players will be permitted
10.The flagsticks on each green are not to be touched or removed
11.On each green the holes have been adapted so that the ball can be easily lifted
12. The ball washing machines close to the tees are not in use
13. All bunkers will be deemed as waste areas and are not be raked
14. By the entrance to the tunnel players coming from Holes 3 and 10 have priority
15. Please take note of instructions received from the Daily Supervisor and all marshalls and greenkeepers.
16. Failure to heed to these instructions could lead to a playing ban
17. After playing please leave the Club (with your golf clubs)

Start times
We are currently finalising a facility on our website to enable online start times to be reserved. The spiral therefore during this period is not in use. This will prevent players gathering or waiting around the starting holes and will enable the 1.50m distance rule to be maintained. Please do not arrive at your start hole longer than 30 minutes before your start time. On Tuesday 19th May and Wednesday 20th May a start time can be booked until 7.00pm. As from 26th May this will be standard but only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Practice Facilities
The driving range is open on a restricted basis, namely some mats will be available. The ball baskets, after use are to be cleaned with the disinfectant provided. Please adhere to the 1.50m distance rule. Only members with a reserved start time may use the driving range and then only within 30 minutes of the reserved start time.
The putting green next to the driving range is also available for some use.

Locker Building
The building will be open but only for members who are playing. Therefore it is not permitted to collect or return golf bags. After playing golf clubs are to be taken home.

The clubhouse is closed although the toilets in the lobby are open and available.
The toilets located adjacent to the 14th tee are closed during this period.

We are looking forward to a successful reopening of the course for all members.

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